Rear Projection TV: Watching Sports

Some of us have not yet made the switch to an LCD or Plasma flat panel television. Most television owners have upgraded to rear projection tv, and very few have tube televisions anymore. Here’s the problem, watching sports on a rear projection tv or RPTV can be a great experience, so long as the light source/replacement lamp is operating at full capacity.

In the RPTV world, the brighter the light source, the brighter the picture. It will be very obvious to the human eye when your lamp dims, and may need to be replaced. Watching sports on a tv that needs to change the replacement lamp is very frustrating, so make note of these tips to making sure you don’t miss the big game.

First, try to keep a log of how much time you have spent watching the television. Most RPTV lamps are rated for about 1000-1500 hours of use. Keeping a log sheet will give a pretty good indication as to when your lamp should be replaced.

Next, pay attention to the brightness of the picture on your RPTV. If the color seems to diminish, or the picture apears yellowish, this is also an indication of a needed lamp replacement.

Last, do not wait until the picture goes completely out before ordering a new lamp! By being  a little pro-active, you should be able to accurately predict the end of your RPTV lamp’s effectiveness. Order a replacement a few weeks before you aould actually need the lamp. One note though, projector lamps may diminish in usefullness if left sitting on a shelf for several months. This is not a normal occurance, but it is possible. We recommend only having a replacement lamp on hamd for no more that 30-60 days.

In closing, remember to pay attention to the indicators of poor lamp performance, and be prepared! Enjoy the games!

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The Projector Lamp Center LampLife team is dedicated to being the most informative source of knowledge about replacement projector lamps for lcd projectors, dlp projectors, rear projection TVs, and more.

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